Saturday, November 10, 2012

River, Cat, Same Motifs

I thought today- I need a new motif- something else to paint but the same river. There's stuff all over the place, this valley is full of things to paint. But despite best intentions, I ended up there. In the cold.

And painted two paintings, and came back to the studio, and drew my neighbor's cat.

I've rebuilt my paintbox, very successful and I think its going to make me a better painter. I got rid of all the small paints, just put the big ones in, and moved the brushes to the back so they don't get so badly splattered, and I can see them and not have to move my palette to get to them. I use metal flashing and pop rivets, and have built it a few different ways. This is by far the best so far.

Here is what i painted. The first is painted over the Oxbow painting, a few entries back. Nothing symbolic about it, it just felt too worked on. The second is on linen. Hard to see in my picture, abstractish, but something I am way more interested in than most of what i do,. And then there are two cat monoprints, done in the studio after I did these, in black ink. Fat pencil.