Monday, September 8, 2008

Moody Ethereal Landscapes by Other People

Today I looked at a young painter's website named Jennifer Phillips, who works in Seattle and seems extremely prolific and bent on being a successful painter. I like her work, and like the work that she has linked her website to. There is a common thread of the moody, ethereal, late afternoon light, rural landscape, with a single round trees, and a sinuous river, or tremendous cloud, in many of the paintings, and in those who paint like her. I paint, sometimes, like this, and have for years, though I've never really achieved a final resting place with it. But it's clearly all of the same fabric, and, I suppose, motivations, though I don't know that for sure. A connection to 19th century, and Inness, and the figure-free landscape, and the wide view. She even introduces a crackle finish, as an aesthetic gesture to beautify the surface, which I guess it does, but it is a level of nostalgia that borders on doing too much for a "look" I think. Still, her energy and attitude are admirable, and I find it inspiring, and a bit of a challenge to take what I do to the next step.

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